The Concept

Raleigh Traveler is a travel blog and website with a specific niche centered on travelers coming to and from my hometown, Raleigh, North Carolina. This is a website for you, the Raleighite, or even the general North Carolinian looking for simple things to do that won't break the bank. We will look at the hottest spots and events in the Triangle area as well as around the state for that quick weekend getaway. Got a few extra days? We will explore destinations around the country and discuss the best and cheapest ways to get there from Raleigh. We will even look at accessible places around the world. After all, Raleigh is quickly becoming a world class city and it is easier than ever to jump across the pond right here from Raleigh - Durham International Airport. We will make sure you are prepared for the journey and what to expect once you arrive. Finally, we want to connect with you, to get your feedback, tips, and stories on the hottest spots around town and your journeys around the world.

Ryan Ellis
Blogger, Photographer, Meteorologist
Yeah, you read that third one right. My primary job is working as a meteorologist for the National Weather Service right here in Raleigh! When I am not forecasting for the masses here in central North Carolina, I am complementing science with creativity. I am a big believer in staying balanced in life. Writing and photography allow me to do that and express my passion for learning new things both around the corner and around the world. My story began in the Hudson Valley Region of New York where I grew up before heading to Miami, FL for my undergraduate studies at the University of Miami. It was here I first started taking photography classes and exploring what a camera can (and can’t) do. I also wrote for the campus newspaper, covering sports. After Miami, my graduate work took me to one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hawaii. During my time at the University of Hawaii, I took the time to explore the other half of the planet with trips to places like Tokyo and the islands of Micronesia, expanding my horizons and fueling my thirst for more. After college, my first job in the National Weather Service brought me to Raleigh in 2009 and I have remained here ever since with my wife and son. In less than a decade since I have been here, the city has grown exponentially and become a diverse, eclectic and vibrant city that is ever changing and expanding. A place I am proud to call home.